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Beginning again & working with the National Trust
National Trust

Upon leaving university a few years ago, I fell out of love with illustration and instead of riding the high I’d left uni on (awards, interviews, clients!), I fell into the routine of work, eat, sleep repeat at a job and though I enjoyed it,it did not earn me enough money and had no future, which led to my anxiety rearing it’s ugly head which led me to fall down the rabbit hole of depression.

From there I went from creative block to creative block and all my passion for creating went out the door. I know I’m not the only illustrator to hit a wall, creatively or otherwise - it appears to happen to us all, at some point in our careers. Luckily, I’ve rediscovered my zealousness over the last few months and have been working (often slowly) on creating new pieces and am now feeling motivated once again to get on with life and my career.

So, as you do, my first step was to find new clients to work with and I aimed high! I took the chance and through a bit of luck and nerves, found the email for a lovely gentleman who works as a retail buyer within the National Trust. This led to a chance to meet with several other retail buyers and a lovely woman from head office to pitch my work with the hope they’d like to stock my cards.

Not only did they say yes to stocking my cards, they also have more plans for me and I cannot be more excited! This is definitely the motivation I’ve been wanting for and the boost of confidence to get myself back out there to approach my list of dream clients and make my name as an illustrator.

This only the beginning and though I cannot share anymore at this time, it’s great to be back and I can hardly wait to share my adventures and new work with you! Onward and upwards!

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